Special Promotional Marketing Opportunities

Guido Sohne Africa Open Source Fellowship Sponsor $15000

The Guido Sohne fellowship is a FOSSFA initiative following Guido’s death and given his close involvement with FOSSFA. The Guido Shone Fellowship will be awarded to 5 Outstanding Individuals who have played a key role in contributing to the Open Source Drive in Africa. You will get the chance to award the fellows at the FOSSFA@20 anniversary Dinner in Durban. The plaque awarded will bear your Logo as a Guido Sohne Fellowship Sponsor.

Sponsor a Delegate Registration (@Delegate cost USD1500 inclusive of IDLELO8 Registration, Flight, and Accommodation in Durban)
#IDLELO8 Delegates come from all over the region. This is a session to sponsor delegates from Africa Region to attend IDLELO8. For a custom delegate sponsorship please reach to us directly at chair@fossfa.net

Registration Sponsor $3,000

#IDLELO8 Registration sponsors are key in the management of the registration desk.


  •   Logo on the backdrop of the registration signage

  •   Logo on registration form

  •   Logo in sponsor section of Event Directory

  •   Logo and company profile on sponsor section of the website (URL provided by sponsor)

    Sponsors a speaker $3,000

    #IDLELO8 speakers are coming from all over the globe and this is an opportunity that you can support Registration, travel and accommodation for a speaker to IDLELO8. Each speaker travel with accommodation this is designated and sponsor participates in awards of grants to African Delegates

    Conference Wi-fi & App $5,000

    #IDLELO8 event will be managed with the help of an African designed conference app. Your sponsorship towards this will allow for a highly engaged event, and your company is welcome to insights and event analytics on delegate engagement up-to 1 month before the event and up to 3 months after the event.

    #IDLELO8 and FOSSFA@20 Anniversary Dinner $15,000

    IDLELO8 coincides with the 20th Anniversary of FOSSFA – FOSSFA@20. During IDLELO 8 we shall peak the Anniversary with awards and celebration of FOSSFA creating impact in Africa through Open Source. The sponsorship includes Award branding, signage, branded 1-color logo napkins, program guide, event app branding, and website promotion. Logo t-shirts and/or collateral welcome and provided by sponsor.

    Supporting #IDLELO Fellowships and Liaisons $45,000

This is an opportunity for you to support 30 eligible African delegates and Liaison Volunteers to attend #IDLELO8 through grants towards Registration, Travel and Accommodation. Support towards this is designated and sponsor participates in awards of grants to African Delegates. You are also welcome to suggest a custom sponsorship for the IDLELO Fellowships.

Preconference Workshops: $3,000

Approximately one-half of the conference attendees choose to attend one of the pre-conference workshops on Monday. The sponsor will receive acknowledgment in each session and also on signage at the refreshment breaks.

Sponsorship Bundles & Custom Packages

Interested in sponsoring multiple events and/or creating a custom sponsor package? You are welcome to contact us for discussion on the custom sponsorship. We offer bundled sponsorship package discounts and are happy to work with you to create a customized package to meet your organization’s individual needs. FOSSFA Corporate Members receive sponsorship discounts on FOSSFA events. Please inquire for details.