Hosting IDLELO8 – Extension of Deadline: 30th July 2016

The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) is the premier African FOSS organization, and was founded under the auspices of the Bamako Bureau of the African Information Society Initiative within the mandate given by African Governments in 1995 to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). During its history, FOSSFA has been involved in numerous activities in support of ICT in Africa, including the organization of the biennial African Conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons (“IDLELO”), its signature event.

IDLELO is Africa’s leading FOSS event. FOSSFA is the owner of all rights to IDLELO trademarks and proprietary material used in the marketing and holding of IDLELO events. These rights will be licensed to the national FOSSFA member association selected to host IDLELO after the FOSSFA Executive and Council have carefully considered all proposals.

FOSSFA hereby requests submissions of proposals to host FOSSFA’ s 8th African Conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons in 2018 (“IDLELO8”).

An electronic copy of each proposal must be sent to, FOSSFA’s Secretariat no later than close of business on Friday, July 22nd, July 30th 2016. (Please be sure that the attachment size total is less than 10MB; larger files must be either posted for download or sent to the FOSSFA Chair on CD or similar media). Please be sure to follow up by email to ensure that the proposal has been properly received.

Please arrange to have soft copies sent to: with a copy to


Executive Summary

FOSSFA will consider all eligible proposals from members deemed to be in good standing for final selection. Those FOSSFA members submitting proposals will be asked to make proposal presentations via Video Conference. A non-member of FOSSFA may also submit a proposal but such proposal MUST have support of FOSSFA members in good standing.

Given the importance of the IDLELO Conference to FOSSFA and the African FOSS community, it is vital that all proposals include the following:

  1. Dates- FOSSFA recommends that IDLELO includes Pre-conference trainings, and Pre-event tours. Conference planners are welcome to add on business matching, networking activities and post social and tourism related activities after the Conference. An assessment of conflicting conferences and other events should be made prior to submitting the proposal.
  2. Sponsoring association (what organisation will actually be responsible for planning, fundraising and operating the event). To reiterate, regardless of whichever organisation is formed to host the Conference the responsibility for the entire event remains with the FOSSFA member being awarded the right to host the Conference.  
  3. Organisational partners (e.g., many partners contribute to the total amount necessary to host the event these can include Government local tourist bureaus, major players in the ICT industry, economic development authorities, universities, and/or other trade associations).
  4. Financial guarantees- Please describe funding sources that are capable and committed to support this Conference. FOSSFA recommends that letters from these sources be included in your response. Responder agrees and commits to payment schedule. A minimum of 50,000 USD is required.
  5. Expected attendance and foreign/domestic breakdown.
  6. Visa costs for African and non-African participants.
  7. List of international airlines flying to the host country and in the case of an event outside the capital details of domestic connections.
  8. Ability to support English as the event’s official language, with ability to have translations in 3 other international languages, French, Arabic and Portuguese.
  9. Major events (e.g., opening ceremony, technical demonstrations, keynote speeches, breakout session, special activities, networking events, etc.); and
  10. Value to attendees – Affirmation that responder understands and accepts the payment amounts and conditions.

Please feel free to add other information that will enhance your bid.



The number and diversity of attendees have influenced the success of previous IDLELOs. It is believed that the location of the event is an important determinant of attendance. The evaluators will look carefully at the proposed location so as to make an evaluation as to the likelihood of attracting the targeted audience.

The proposal should profile the advantages of the proposed location and venue. To include, but not limited to:

  • Information on the sponsoring association;
  • Local ICT community and industry;
  • Financial support;
  • Support from local government (i.e. funding, security resources, medical personnel and facilities);
  • Planned support from State, Regional and Federal (Central) government
  • Local cultural historical sites;
  • Access and availability of volunteers;
  • Proximity to Local universities or research parks;
  • Transportation qualifications (international/domestic airports and number of international flights serving the airport each day). Also please include information on what attendees might expect as to ground transportation to and from hotels and meeting facility;
  • Lodging qualifications;
  • Any other local amenities.

Engagement and Public Relations/Marketing Plan

The Proposal should detail both the press coverage and the promotion/marketing of the IDLELO 2016. The following are key and would be considered during the evaluation of proposals.

  • Staffing plan for Marketing and Public Relations (Media coverage)
  • Plans for event promotion (Event App, press conferences, news releases, presentation tours, promotional materials, etc)
  • Marketing plan, which clearly states approximate, dates for major marketing events such as the official launch, proposed mailing lists, etc.
  • Opportunities for press events
  • Media outreach and Contacts
  • Web and Social Media Strategies
  • Local press coverage


A draft budget estimating the cost of the Conference and sources of revenue must be submitted as part of the proposal. The Proposal should include information on committed and/or potential sponsors, both corporate and public sector, including contact information.

The proposal must furthermore demonstrate a strong partnership with relevant government branches or agencies.

Selection & Award Criteria

The decision on who will host IDLELO8 will be based primarily on the financial and organisational viability of the proposal. FOSSFA will also review the level of commitment expressed by the host to organise a world-class conference for a positive reflection on the host country and on FOSSFA. It is important for the host to demonstrate that “IDLELO8” will receive support from not only the ICT industry and FOSS Community but from local and central government as well.

Due consideration will also be given to proposed program content, speakers, projected attendance, geographical location, and venue. FOSSFA requests that bidders give some thought to an appropriate theme for the Conference; however due to constant changes in the global ICT and Software industry, FOSSFA recognises that themes may change by the time the event occurs.

Any member (individual or organisation) of FOSSFA in good standing is eligible to be selected as the host. The FOSSFA Executive and Council will consider all proposals for final selection and award at its August 2016 meeting. Those FOSSFA members submitting proposals will be asked to make presentations at that meeting via Video Conferencing.

The following host qualifications are required:

  • Host must be (or have strong support from) a FOSSFA member in good standing. This means that appropriate FOSSFA dues must be paid. It is also important that members who bid should have actively participated and supported FOSSFA activities. However this is not a prerequisite.
  • Host association must be financially sound (a minimum of 50,000 USD is required to host the conference) and must have full-time professional staff capable of managing the event or explain if a separate organisation under the management of the host will be involved in the planning.
  • Host association should have broad representation among its membership across the various sectors of the information technology industry

Applications to host IDLELO events must be submitted in electronic form.

IDLELO8 intending hosts, or their formal representatives, must prepare to receive the award at the IDLELO7 Gala night in Kampala, Aug 23rd 2016.


FOSSFA requests that all bidders respond to each of the requirements mentioned within this RFP. FOSSFA is not averse to receiving other offerings that enhance the bid and the conference, but only after all of the required information is submitted.

Summary Of Key Dates

  • Deadline for submission – 22nd 30th July 2016
  • Evaluation of Bids – 1st August – 8th August 2016
  • Selection & Notification of Winner  – 1st 8th Aug 2016
  • Award of IDLELO8 at IDLELO7 Gala Dinner – 23rd Aug 2016

All questions should be directed electronically to:

Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) on: with a copy to:

Thank you for your interest in hosting the 8th African Conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons, IDLELO8.

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